About Ris

I am always excited to see the growth and victories won by my piano, voice and songwriting students. It is such a wonderful journey. I plan to teach music for the rest of my life.       

 Piano is something I have always relished growing up, and cannot imagine my life without it. It is truly the greatest foundation to all music theories and instruments. I know if it were not for the piano, my singing and my songwriting may never have happened. It was the joy of playing and ear training that the piano ingrained in me, that inspired me to expand my talents.       

 As a child, I always loved singing. As a teen, I struggled with my voice to make it sound the way I wanted it to. I had no difficulty in reaching high notes, but struggled with volume. Sometimes my low notes sounded harsh to my ears. I began taking lessons and even then, it was a battle. My passion in teaching voice comes from the great struggle I had in grasping the concepts. I have a great interest to help others reach their full voice potential.       

 Songwriting was something that started at very young age for me. It was natural. I entered a Music Fest composition competition when I was a child and won first prize in the all-ages category. The song was entitled, “Toys”. It was a song that painted a picture in my mind of toys dancing and playing in the middle of the night while everyone was tucked asleep in their beds. (I am positive that Disney’s 1995 classic, Toy Story, influenced me!)       

 This was the start of a beautiful journey for me. At the age of 12, I wrote a song on the piano entitled, “Waterfalls,” which consisted of many arpeggios and series of broken triads. My teacher, Louise Clarke, had such an expression of awe on her face that it was then I began to realize that not all of her students were doing the same.      

 As I grew into my teen years, I began to experiment with adding lyrics to my piano compositions. I joined a youth band playing keyboard which ‘struck a chord’ in me to start writing pop songs. I went on to study at York University and completed my BFA in Music. The songwriting instructor encouraged me to continue in my gift.       

 Since then I have written hundreds of songs. It is now my great happiness to help others bring their creativity to the surface and discover their own unique sound. My goal for each of my students is to bring joy to themselves and to others as I have been blessed.       

I have seen many triumphs and am a very proud teacher of hard working students. 



Sharing my joy of music 


Over the past 15 years, I have had the honour of performing – either playing the piano and/or singing – at many events:

  • Weddings 
  • Funerals 
  • Supper clubs 
  • Night clubs
  • Christmas celebrations
  • New Year’s celebrations
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s
  • Class reunions
  • Tyndale University’s 120th Birthday Celebration 

Who Do I Teach?

The real answer… anyone!  

Anyone who has the passion to grow in creating music. I have worked with happy students of all ages ranging from active 5-year-olds to bucket-list seniors over 65!  You may want to learn one of the four types of music I teach… 

  • Piano 
  • Voice
  • Songwriting 
  • Ukulele
  • Or, a combination of 2 – or all!
I have worked with beginner piano students, to advanced Royal Conservatory Music levels. I have helped singers struggling with their voice to overcome their barrier.  Songwriting is pure pleasure for me. I have some students coming to me, wanting to develop this discipline, while others are content with keyboard alone. Whatever your musical desire, I am here for you!

Please feel free to contact me at 


 or by phone at 416-788-2005 and leave a message. Your call will be returned within one business day.