Thankful and Grateful


from our family to yours


Thankful for you

We hope you enjoy family, friends and of course, food this Thanksgiving holiday. As a special thank you, we want to offer you a FREE lesson when you signup for lessons!

Sharing your talent with loved ones grows self-esteem and motivation

Growing up my mother played classical piano in the background for every special holiday. I remember the smell of crisp cinnamon apple pies, the sound of pots and pans clinging as she cooked in the kitchen humming to the tunes, my father coming home from a long day of work and us running to greet him, excitedly looking out the window for loved ones to arrive and setting the table with our very special expensive china dishes.

During these family gatherings my mother would often encourage me to play the pieces I had been learning on the piano. I remember sitting on the bench, the feel of the keys on the tips of my fingers, the sound of tea and coffee cups tinkling behind me, and the softness in the air as everyone waited.

This was my favourite way to perform. 

It was less intimidating than performing at competitions or exams. These moments allowed me to feel more confident in my playing as my family clapped and exclaimed their encouragement. This made me want to keep learning more pieces for next time and practice harder to impress them how far I had come.

Do you perform and play pieces at special gatherings? Share your talent. Ask your child to play something at your next family gathering. Trust me, everyone will love it and it's great experience for the student. Whether you play piano, guitar or sing. Any opportunity to grow, motivate and share is a growing one. Music is the best when shared with others.

Keep playing, practicing and sharing your beautiful talents!


My First Cruise was Amazing!


If you are following our Instagram then you know I recently went on my very first cruise!

I was a little nervous about getting seasick but I hardly felt the boat moving beneath us. It was definitely DREAMY.

My mind is officially blown away with the detail, mass size and entertainment aboard the ship. If you have never been then I recommend venturing on one of the Disney Cruises.


Their live theatre (where we watched Beauty and the Beast) makes you forget you're even on a boat!

Playing shuffle board on the deck with the wind blowing in your hair is definitely an experience to remember. Not to mention the long water slide that reaches out beyond the boat over ocean water!

Here I'm sporting a cute Disney hoodie I got on the cruise. Above it I'm with a friend while we pose in front of our majestic boat.


Student of the Month

Helen is an inspiring songwriter and is starting to record her own compositions!

She is also a music teacher and loves sharing her heart for healing through music with others.

The Academy would like to give a special thanks to our student Helen for all her referrals!

We are grateful for all our students who share their love of the Academy with their friends and family.

Group Classes are now Available!

We are now offering GROUP classes via Zoom for the month of November. If you are a student at RMA you can register for these classes on our shared calendar in the portal.

If you are not a student yet you can inquire by contacting us. Simply click the button "Contact Us" below.

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Fall Harvest


“I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!”. It was funny the first couple times, but now it must have been the seventh lift. My arms were getting tired and sore! My friend was also no longer laughing and I could see her questioning my once  e xperienced knowledge of “canoe-ship” behind her eyes.

We were attempting to put my very heavy canoe (approximately 80 pounds) on top of her black SUV. We had done this so easily just the summer before, so I wasn’t sure why it was such a struggle this time

My idea (to make it easier) was to lift the canoe onto our shoulder and then over our heads onto the SUV. 

What I didn’t realize were my efforts were actually making the task much more challenging than necessary! I literally forgot how to lift a canoe. 

Have you ever felt like this? Something that you know and have done thousands of times and suddenly, after some time has gone by, you go to attempt it again and realize you’ve completely forgotten how!? This can be both frustrating and self-deprecating. 

I know, as musicians and parents, we see this all the time. That piece I once played for my exam on the piano? Gone. Just like that. Where did it go? It took a hike, said “See ya never!” and walked out of my brain. 


Okay, maybe not…but that’s definitely how it felt! I know it once existed there but it felt like my brain developed a hole and lost some vital information that I once treasured…and I wanted it back!

I am telling you this story because I know you have all been there at least once. And I want to tell you that there is hope. That voice in your head saying, “It’s gone!”? That’s a lie. Or that voice that tells you “You can’t do it.” is also a lie! Don’t listen! Take a breath. And trust that it’s still inside you. Take time with that piece (play it hands separate first if on the keys or try warming up your voice more or play it slower than you once could). You’ve got this. It will come back and a lot more quickly than if you had never played it before.

I looked at my friend and said “You know, maybe I’m remembering this wrong. I think I’m panicking because I’m worried the canoe is too heavy but I don’t remember it being this difficult last summer. Let’s try lifting directly over our heads in one smooth motion.”

We got it that time! In one smooth motion we lifted the heavy canoe from the ground up and over our heads. We laughed a little and easily place the canoe on top of her SUV. Even though we had tired ourselves out by attempting to lift it incorrectly ten times prior this time was filled with ease. It just took time for me to remember how

So before you give up on that beautiful piece you could once play, know that it’s still there. It may take a little time and patience to remember it, but you will never really forget it. Just be patient with yourself!

Here is a picture of us successful at lifting and tying the canoe down on my friends car! It is a 17 foot 80 pound canoe. (Standard canoe's are approximately 15 feet and weigh 45-60 pounds).


Student of the Month!

Pictured above is my student Summer and she is 10 years old. Summer is always a joy, smiles every lesson and has encouraged many of her friends to join RMA over the past two years.

1.  What instrument do you play? Piano

2.  How long have you taken lessons? 2 years

3.  Who is your favourite musical artists? BTS

4.  What are your other hobbies, besides music? Soccer and tennis

5.  Favourite food? Sushi!

6.  What is the coolest thing you’ve learned in your lessons in the past three months? I love all the songs that I play! I especially like "The Silent Moon" by Nancy Telfer

The Academy would like to thank Summer for referring her friends to take lessons at Rumble Music Academy!

Every month the Academy will have a "Student of the Month". Would you like to be the next student of the month!? You can! Refer a friend, or tell me you're performing, or doing something unique with your talents and I would love to make you the next student of the month!


First Time in a Helicopter

This summer I had my very first helicopter ride! It was probably my most memorable experience in 2021.

I also got the best seat on the helicopter. Right in the front by the captain! The helicopter was basically all windows including from by my feet, the entire side of the door and above me. I felt like I was in Jurassic World!

We flew over our beautiful Niagara Falls while a pre-recorded tour spoke the entire time giving us the history of both the helicopter and the falls. 

I totally recommend this experience as a first-time helicopter ride for anyone who has not been in one but would like to try


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RMA students share a picture of your online lesson from home and…


This photo contest has been extended!! Get a friend or family member to take a picture of YOU and you could be on the very first page of RMA’s website!!! 

Here are the details: 

  1. A HAPPY and LAUGHING picture (see the example provided above)
  2. Your instrument must be in the picture (piano, guitar, ukulele or showing you're singing, etc.)
  3. If you have a sibling who takes lessons, you may take a picture together!
  4. Natural light is best!
  5. Be mindful of your background
  6. Submit your picture by October 15th

The WINNER will get their picture on the homepage of www.rumblemusic.ca and a $25 GIFT CARD for Amazon!!


Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Day 2021 

We will be closed for Thanksgiving Day on 

October 11th, 2021

Virtual Fall Recital 

Fall Recital will be held online via Zoom 

An email will be sent out with the Zoom ID and password both the week before and the morning of. Friends and family are welcome! 

Friday October 22nd, 2021 6pm




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You can use this extra credit to sign up for an extra lesson in the week, make your lesson time longer or try a different instrument! 

Did you know you can take other instruments at the Academy like Piano, Voice, Guitar, Ukulele and even song writing!? You can check out more details about that HERE.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018 by Ris Rumble | MusicArt

I teach two sisters together in a group session and this week they brought me a surprise gift! They HANDMADE this beautiful sewn owl which we named Lavendar! (Because she smells like lavender due to some natural essential oil the girls added as a sweet relaxing touch!).

I was so touched by this surprise gift I had to share with everyone. This is one of the joys of teaching and so encouraging when students show how much they enjoy their lessons and my presence as their teacher!

Lavender is currently sitting in my music studio if you'd like to come see her. She smells amazing! 

Music Art

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 by Ris Rumble | MusicArt

I received this beautiful piece of art as a surprise gift this week! It has my favourite colour (mint green)!! I am especially impressed with the multi coloured blonde hair she gave me  (just like the real thing!). I am proudly displaying this piece of art in my music studio.

Meet My Friend Duane

Wednesday, July 11, 2018 by Ris Rumble | Songwriter

This week I got to see an old good friend of mine Duane Forrest! We went on tour together summers ago, singing and writing songs. I am proud to say I taught him his first guitar chord!! 

He is performing all of his original songs (on guitar) and singing for ClimbTheMusical in Kensington Market! His music was amazing and I enjoyed the actors and dancers as well! I recommend going to see this and please tell him hi from me :) 

You can check out more about him on his website here! To buy tickets or see more information about his show click "CLIMB".

Duane is an inspiration having recently founded a non-profit organization that sends music teachers across the globe. The profit he makes from his own recordings and performances like Climb go to fund these experiences for children who would not be able to afford music lessons otherwise.