Our songwriter instructor teaches rock, blues, country, pop and classical writing styles. Beginners work on chord progressions, simple songs and melodies, sight reading and theory. Each lesson will challenge you with a new technique that sparks creativity. We employ a variety of songwriting techniques based on student needs and preferences, and encourage students to bring smartphones or iPads to their lessons to keep their songs all in one place.

What's the #1 reason to study songwriting at the Academy?

Our songwriting instructors are warm and friendly, and get to know each student and parent on a personal level. We work with you to craft a lesson plan that fits your individual needs and the student's favourite type of music. Whether you're wanting to learn how to write lyrics, chord progressions, melodies or harmonies, we will set goals to achieve your musical aspirations.

What makes Songwriting at Rumble Music unique....

Songwriting at Rumble Music is something you will not find anywhere else. Whether you want to learn to write classical songs on the piano or pop songs on your guitar we've got you covered. With creative techniques and exercises this particular lesson is taught by Ris Rumble (founder of Rumble Music) herself. She will personally teach you how to write both the lyrics and matching musical elements for your song. Her own experience of writing multitudes of songs makes her a great candidate to be your songwriting coach. Her experience in recording and performing her own songs; solo, with bands and touring have made her your excellent choice. 

The Rumble Music Academy brings the joy of music to students in the Markham area and Online.

‍What kind of songwriting do you teach?

We teach all styles, from rock, pop, jazz, blues, country and classical – both music and lyrics. 

How qualified are your songwriting instructors?

Our songwriting and music instructors have received their education from prestigious institutions such as York University and have toured Ontario and bring over 15 years of professional performance and teaching experience to your lessons. 

What will I learn from songwriting lessons at the Academy?

Beginner songwriting students do need some back ground in music (such as piano, guitar or ukulele). They can expect to work on lyrics, chord progressions, melodies, harmonies, patterns (musical and lyrical), and many exercises to help inspire creativity and writing skills. Our instructors balance musicianship and fun by making sure that each lesson presents a new technical challenge or theory concept, and ends with something fun such as basis for a new song or part of a new song you've written! We encourage students to bring their smartphone or iPad to keep their songs all in one place.

Are there recitals for songwriters?‍

Absolutely! Every December and May our students have the opportunity to perform in a beautiful church on a stage. Performers are free! You also may invite all of your family and friends.

We ask all attendees to pay only $5 and proceeds go to World Vision (additional contributions are welcome but are optional). We believe that philanthropy and music go hand in hand.

Lesson & Office Hours
Mon - Thurs
12pm - 9pm
12pm - 5pm

I can’t express enough how much both of our children have benefited from their interactions with Ris. They love music and their proficiency is definitely a testament to all the work and love she has shown our children.  We want to thank Ris for that. I remember the apprehension I had - memory and slow processing – about starting lessons. You made it seamless and wonderful. You have given both our children a wonderful gift of loving music. 

~ Love the Maw Family

Take the next step call 416-788-2005 now to grab a great lesson time as space is limited. Or you can email us, or request more info.

$40 / 30 minutes

Lessons are scheduled once a week. A one-time registration fee is $25.

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Sign up is easy and parent-friendly, all you have to do is fill out the online form here. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material and no semester minimums.

Lessons are first come, first serve, so contact us today to arrange your first lessons!

Lessons are schedule once a week. 

A one-time registration fee is $25 (due only at the time of registration). 


$40/30 minutes

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